Retail Store Remodeling

While it’s true people love to shop online, that doesn’t mean brick-and-mortar stores are out-of-style. In fact, the IHL Group found that in 2017, there were more retail shops opening their doors than closing them—meaning it’s as important as ever to make a good impression.

Does your retail shop need a facelift? We collect professional retail store remodeling ideas so you can put your best foot forward.

What Does the Average Retail Store Renovation Cost?

The cost per square foot for a retail remodel is around $200. From purchasing materials to hiring skilled laborers, the cost of remodeling a store adds up quickly. Luckily, this post will cover budget-friendly renovations that make a big impact.

Let’s get started remodeling your retail store! 


Where Should You Focus Your Retail Remodeling Efforts?

Pay Special Attention to Your Entrance

The threshold area, also known as the “decompression zone,” is the first five to fifteen feet of space customers see when walking into your store. This area transitions shoppers from the chaos of the outside world, allowing them to focus on the shopping experience.

When they step into this space, a consumer makes critical judgments about your brand based on your lighting, fixtures and color schemes. It’s important to make a great first impression, so make sure to draw their eyes to a focal point – like a styled mannequin or an organized display.


Which Retail Renovation Ideas Will Make the Biggest Impact?

There’s more to renovating your space than making sure you have a strong layout. These tips will help you elevate the look of your retail store where it really counts.

  • Freshen Up Your Walls
  • Upgrade Your Lighting
  • Revamp Your Flooring